When litigation is an asset GDP is committed to achieve the goal.

Particularly noteworthy is the experience gained by the team dedicated to the representation and assistance in court in proceedings regarding:

  • Domestic and international arbitration
  • Corporate, commercial and contractual litigation
  • Liability actions against members of administrative and control bodies of joint stock companies (both as claimant and defendants), also in the interest of auditing companies
  • Litigation in the energy sector
  • M&A litigation
  • Banking and finance litigation

GPD also has a recognized expertise in the representation and assistance of general contractors, fund management companies, banks, extraordinary administrations and public contracting authorities. A committed team of professionals provides assistance to clients in the sensitive pre-litigation phase in order to set the best strategies. The experience gained by the partners as members of Boards of Directors, Boards of Auditors, and as auditors of public and private companies, led to the strengthening of a solid knowledge of corporate law.

Domestic and international arbitration

The Firm has gained significant experience in dispute resolution, relying on professionals highly specialized in arbitration and ADR. GPD managed disputes involving several jurisdictions, providing strategic advice on the most appropriate methods of dispute resolution, on the choice of applicable law and jurisdiction, as well as on national and international arbitral proceedings.

Our focus is on problem-solving by seeking a rapid and efficient resolution of disputes adopting negotiation and conciliation techniques, following the client at every stage and level.

GPD assists its Clients in ad hoc arbitrations as well as in those administered by the main Italian and foreign institutions of the sector (i.e. ICC, LCIA, ICCA, Chambers of Arbitration, Italian Arbitration Association, ANAC, ABF).

Arbitration disputes concerned joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, procurement and engineering contracts, energy, investments, intellectual property, telecommunications, distribution contracts and international trade.

We also have significant experience in arbitration before the main international organizations in commercial, post-M&A and investment disputes.

Corporate law

The activity is mainly focused on corporate transactions and is aimed at assisting Clients in M&A, corporate reorganizations, leases and disposals of companies, to optimize and reshape business management structures. 

GDP‘s professionals have solid expertise in start-up and venture capital matters, especially in the area of technological innovation, negotiating shareholder agreements, extraordinary transactions and executive management compensation plans.

GPD‘s professionals have gained valuable experience in M&A transactions, relocation of production and organizational efficiency, sale and purchase of shareholdings, also on behalf of private equity, asset management companies and investment funds, structured finance or sources of financing at regional, national and European level.

Administrative law

The practice of administrative law is performed in favor of institutional Clients (Municipalities, Provinces, special public corporations, Regions, Universities, Operators under concession of public services, Operators in the transport sector) and private individuals. The developed capabilities concern environmental law, public procurement and services, construction and management concessions, appeals against administrative acts of urban planning, authorization and interdiction, anti-mafia interdiction measures, urban and landscape planning, energy law and renewable sources.


GPD provides assistance on antitrust law, advertising law and information law, representing Clients before the Italian Antitrust Authority, the European Commission, civil courts (also on cases regarding unfair competition) and administrative Courts (with regard to appeals against measures and sanctions issued by AGCM).

In recent years, we have seen an increase in private enforcement actions, including follow-on actions, which require strong integration with economic advisory teams.

Banking and financial law

The experience gained has been recognized at national level with the appointment by the Bank of Italy of Prof. Andrea Gemma as a member of the Judging Panel of the Arbitro Bancario e Finanziario, established by the Supervisory Authority of the banking sector for the resolution of disputes. 

The dedicated team defends major credit institutions, banking foundations and financial institutions in matters related to banking contracts, financial law, leasing, factoring and market placement of banking and financial investment products.

Insurance law

GDP assists insurance companies, intermediaries and brokers in regulatory matters and in their relationships with IVASS.

GDP represents in court primary insurance companies in the field of medmal, personal injury, catastrophic damages, professional liability. 

Some of GDP‘s partners have been appointed by IVASS as Extraordinary Commissioners, Liquidation Commissioners and Members of Supervisory Committees in extraordinary administration and compulsory administrative liquidation of insurance companies.

Bankruptcy law and debt restructuring

GPD assists its Clients in accessing bankruptcy and extraordinary procedures and offers advice in cases of acquisition of companies in crisis, companies and/or business units and in debt restructuring operations through agreements or reorganization plans.

The Firm’s professionals assisted Judicial Commissioners, Extraordinary Commissioners, Trustees and Liquidators in major bankruptcy procedures, providing assistance in the following activities:

  • assessment of liabilities status;
  • drafting of restructuring programs and/or creation of the business plan;
  • sale of assets and business units;
  • cognitive analysis of the company, recognition of the main assets and identification of inaccuracies in the financial statements and unrecorded liabilities;
  • definition of the analytical and estimative status of the assets.

GDP assists asset management companies, SPACs and VCCs in the management of OTPs and MPLs.

Labour law

The firm provides advisory services in the establishment or termination of employment relationships, with particular attention to top management and executives.

GDP has significant experience building LTIs and complex cash & in-kind compensation systems.

We regularly handle transactions involving companies and branches as well as mobility and collective dismissal procedures. 

GDP regularly assists leading Italian and foreign groups in litigation. In this field, the team of professionals deals with actions against private companies and public administrations, regarding the claiming of salary treatments, salary indemnities, fixed-term contracts, with particular attention to seasonal workers, labor intermediation, recognition of subordinate employment relationships, project contracts, coordinated and continuous collaborations.

Transport law

The team assists its clients operating in the transport, infrastructure and, more generally, logistics sectors in contractual and regulatory matters, as well as in litigation, and advises on corporate and real estate transactions related to the sector.

Environmental law

The team is made by professionals that assisted several important private and public institutions, also on extraordinary transactions, and consolidated experience in the different sectors of environmental law: from the area of environmental and administrative permissions and authorizations to litigation and negotiation in the environment and energy sectors, also from renewable resources.

Intellectual property

GPD’s knowledge of the industrial sectors of relevance for intellectual property law – fashion, luxury, food, pharmaceutical, media, cinema, communications and sport – allows GPD’s professionals to offer integrated assistance that is focused on the commercial objectives of the leading Italian and international IP-based companies.

GPD offers regulatory and authorization support in the main extraordinary transactions and assists operators in the entire market chain, both in the analysis of regulatory aspects and in the definition of complex sector contracts.

The firm offers assistance in administrative and civil litigation, as well as in consumer and competition litigation involving companies in regulated sectors.

The areas of intervention include:

  • commercial contracts (licensing, franchising, production contracts, etc.);
  • data protection & privacy;
  • patents, trademarks and design;
  • technology, transfer and use of technology;
  • trade secrets;
  • copyright and related rights.

GPD also assists its clients in cases concerning:

  • unfair competition;
  • advertising and corporate communication;
  • protection of personal data;
  • management of information and rights on intangible assets.

Real estate

The expertise acquired in this sector enables GPD’s professionals to provide specialised advice to developers, institutional and private, national and international investors, construction companies and managers in the structuring of acquisition and sales transactions, construction contracts, acquisition financing, management of valorisation and leasing processes for commercial, residential, health and social care, industrial, logistic or tourist-hotel properties, as well as entire property portfolios.

GPD has a specific expertise in real estate contracts and assists clients also in administrative, environmental and urban planning matters, including the relevant authorisations.


GPD provides highly qualified assistance to national and international groups, investors and financiers and start-ups operating in the various segments of the traditional (petrochemical, oil & gas and electricity) and renewable (solar, wind, geothermal, hydro and biomass) energy sectors.

The multidisciplinary nature of the firm’s professionals allows it to understand its clients’ needs in depth, to best protect their interests and to ensure a coordinated approach at every stage of the project: from project development and structuring, through due diligence, M&A, secondary market and project finance transactions.

GPD also assists start-ups, corporates, investment and venture capital funds operating in the Clean Tech sector to reduce environmental impact and enable sustainable use of resources.

For clients operating in the energy market, GPD provides comprehensive legal assistance in dealing with regulatory, contractual, commercial, administrative, tax and litigation issues.

Industrial & SME

Thanks to its in-depth knowledge of the Italian industrial and economic landscape, GPD provides comprehensive and ongoing legal assistance to national and multinational companies operating in the main industrial sectors, including: hotels, chemicals, pharmaceuticals & healthcare, industrial manufacturing, luxury & fashion, electrical & electronics, energy, telecommunications, technology, travel & leisure and sports.

Over the years, the firm’s professionals have also acquired specific expertise in providing legal assistance to Italian SMEs and family businesses in all phases of their life: from incorporation to growth, through acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures and other extraordinary operations, generational changes, the implementation of corporate compliance systems, investor relations, internationalisation projects and the development of new distribution networks, as well as the protection of intellectual property.

Innovation & start-ups

GPD assists companies in the digital transformation process by providing legal advice on the various aspects of implementing, developing and protecting digital innovation.

The legal services offered cover various areas such as cybersecurity, privacy management, data protection compliance and information systems security.

The continuous updating of regulations at Italian, European and international level and the multidisciplinary skills of GPD’s professionals enable them to provide comprehensive legal and tax assistance to incubators and accelerators, young entrepreneurs and start-ups, operating in the field of new technologies and digital innovation.

GPD provides comprehensive legal support to start-ups in the following activities:

  • analysis of the legal framework and choice of the most appropriate form of company
  • working with those responsible for drawing up the business plan
  • negotiating and drafting investment and shareholder agreements
  • regulating relations between shareholders
  • issuing financial instruments
  • define fundraising strategies and operating methods
  • preparation of contracts
  • intellectual property and data protection

The firm also assists business angels, i.e. certified incubators and national and international venture capital funds, in the negotiation and drafting of investment agreements to provide capital to innovative start-ups.

The firm’s professionals are involved in several initiatives aimed at promoting and supporting new Italian companies operating in the world of innovation.

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