Global Reach

Global Reach

A firm with a global outlook

GPD has strong international roots, thanks to the numerous alliances and partnerships we have established with leading foreign law firms over the years. 

These collaborations allow us to expand our global network of services and provide our clients with privileged access to top-tier legal resources in different jurisdictions. 

We pride ourselves in providing excellent advice and making the most of the opportunities a global perspective can offer.

United States: A strategic partner – Troutman Pepper LLP

In the United States, we have established an important strategic alliance with Troutman Pepper LLP, a renowned industry law firm ranked in the top 50 by AmLaw, boasting over 1,200 lawyers in 23 offices across the US. 

To deliver comprehensive and integrated advice on US and Italian law, we have created a dedicated desk to assist large and medium-sized companies, financial institutions and investment funds. Our team of experts assists in various areas, including investment law, litigation, compliance (FCPA and SOX), international tax and litigation, corporate and commercial law, with a focus on mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and other extraordinary transactions.

South America: Best friendship with Cescon Barrieu

In South America, we have a strong best friendship with Cescon Barrieu, one of Brazil’s leading law firms, consistently ranked among the country’s best in various practices such as M&A, project finance, capital markets and energy. In the LATAM region, we have established solid and fruitful alliances with prestigious law firms in various South and Central American countries. These partnerships are proving invaluable, allowing us to significantly expand our network of contacts and opportunities in the region. These collaborations allow us to expand our global network of services, providing our clients with privileged access to high-profile legal resources in different jurisdictions. 

Multi-disciplinary teams for cross-border solutions

Our strength lies in creating multidisciplinary teams, where professionals from different firms work together on cross-border matters. In addition, our Exchange Professional Programme enables our lawyers to undertake training abroad and to host foreign partners, associates and consultants in our offices, promoting the exchange of legal skills and cultures.

Global presence across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia

In addition to the valuable partnerships we have established in the Americas, our international reach extends with enthusiasm and determination to other key regions of the world, including Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. This extensive global presence enables us to offer comprehensive and innovative legal solutions, ensuring high expertise and professionalism in all our international activities.

In addition, we are proud to share a network of loyal clients and strong partnerships with prestigious and prominent law firms in different international regions spread across several continents. These fruitful relationships allow us to broaden our knowledge base and continue to drive the success of our clients around the world.

International leadership

The GPD Global Reach team is led by Andrea Gemma, Ariel Dello Strologo and Emanuele Rumi Rios, professionals who bring expertise and passion to continuously strengthen our presence as a leading international law firm.

Andrea Gemma is a reference point on the international corporate scene, focusing on transatlantic relations and the MENA region. Her experience as a member of major international operating organizations is invaluable in guiding global industrial projects.

Ariel Dello Strologo, also in his role as President of the AGE, demonstrates unparalleled leadership and an unquestionable commitment to fostering international links and cooperation and promoting harmony between different legal cultures.

Emanuele Rumi Rios has developed a solid global experience since his academic training, with research and teaching programs in China and the United States. His experience at prestigious law firms in different countries (Pepper Hamilton – USA and Cescon Barrieu – Brazil) makes him an essential asset to our international network.

The Global Reach team constantly strives to expand our legal excellence internationally, seeking opportunities and addressing global challenges to provide our clients with first-class service and ensure their successful international future.

An award-winning team of professionals

We have won major awards for our commitment to providing high quality legal services to our clients.

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