Corporate and group taxation

GPD assists companies, Italian groups and Italian branches of foreign companies by supporting both ordinary and extraordinary business management activities.

Tax litigation

GPD provides consultancy and assistance in the phase of tax assessment and verification and in the eventual evolution in the extra-judicial sphere, through resorting to deflective instruments of litigation, or in the subsequent strictly judicial phase before the Tax Commissions of first and second instance and before the Supreme Court of Cassation.

M&A transactions

GDP is a perfect partner for M&A transactions, including cross-border operations involving companies and holdings, as well as spinoffs, conferment, acquisitions, and related due diligence in the tax and accounting areas.

International taxation

GPD provides to its Italian and international Clients a comprehensive assistance in the field of international tax law in relation to both direct taxation, including matters related to transfer pricing and VAT, ensuring adequate professional support to the activities of the Client, also through its foreign partners.

Real estate taxation

GPD prides its leading experience in the Real Estate industry, having developed expertise and knowledge capable of providing a service aimed at covering all tax aspects of transactions involving real estate portfolios; both in the corporate sector, for the “Vehicles” referred to in Law 130/1999 (including the relevant ReoCo) and in the context of Real Estate Funds.

Financial taxation

GPD brings extensive experience in the taxation of financial entities such as holding companies, asset management companies, investment funds as well as the “vehicles” referred to in Law 130/1999 and the related ReoCo.

Corporate crisis

The team has extensive experience in corporate crisis, which allows offering targeted assistance in the selection of the most appropriate instruments provided by current legislation, through a process that starts from a check-up of the company’s state of health, the identification of the causes of the crisis, and ends with the recovery plan.

Business crisis taxation

GPD offers significant experience in the field of corporate crisis, operating both with reference to debt restructuring operations, employing the related legal instruments, and insolvency procedures dealing with the related direct and indirect taxation.

Economic and financial planning

The team has extensive experience in assisting the preparation of business plans and budgets, also in cases of business crisis.

Corporate and extraordinary finance

The team has a significant background in the financial sector, from the evaluation of financial instruments (including derivatives) to the arrangement of pool financing and the business valuation (including listed companies).

Technical consultancy in civil and criminal matters

The team has extensive experience in providing technical assistance in civil and criminal cases involving corporate/financial matters. GDP’s approach is based on an in-depth analysis of the case documents and a constant dialogue with the lawyers in charge.

Judicial activity

The Team has an important background in commissioner assignments and official receivers.